Vincero AB

"An Exceptional Tool for Analysis!"

Group 434

Vincero has been our customer for more than two years and they've already seen great benefits from our system, which makes us proud. We had a conversation with Mattias Mattsson, CFO, and Camilla Ljungar, Business Controller, to learn how they've utilised our Treasury Management System in their respective roles.

A Few Quick Facts About Vincero

Vincero is an investment company founded by brothers Andreas Rutili and Robin Rutili, both with extensive experience as entrepreneurs. In 2015, they merged their holdings and established Vincero. Their real estate portfolio includes commercial properties, residential properties, and development projects in Swedish growth regions. The estimated value of their properties is 2.2 billion SEK, and their headquarters are in Stockholm. Currently, they own approximately 41 properties, and their increased loan requirements led them to choose our system.


So tell us, how did you start working with Nordkap? 

Mattias: We've been using Nordkap for over a year now. As our real estate portfolio expanded, we realised the need to manage our loan receivables more effectively. Since I was already familiar with the services of Nordkap, I contacted them. In terms of collaboration, the onboarding process has been smooth, and we received a lot of assistance. Implementing the system was quick because we discovered different ways to view loans. Without that level of service, it would have been difficult to get started.

Camilla: I've also learned a lot from the system without needing to contact Nordkap. It's very user-friendly, so we don't have to reach out for support every time we register a new loan. It's intuitive enough for us to handle on our own. Once you've learned it, there are no complications.


How has Nordkap improved your work processes? 

Camilla: Part of my ongoing work involves generating reports and tracking accrued interest. Before, I had to manually calculate everything in Excel. But now, with Nordkap, it's much easier. The system also helps with forecasting and budgeting. Especially with the recent increase in interest rates, there's a higher demand from management to provide frequent and accurate forecasts. Nordkap's tool has proven to be very convenient for that purpose.

Mattias: We used Excel before adopting Nordkap, which required more manual work. Although Excel is a great program, we noticed that mistakes would sometimes occur. Either Camilla or I would build a report and then seek assistance from someone else who added certain elements. If that person made a small mistake while updating a formula, it would mislead the end result. With Nordkap, we feel more secure knowing that we obtain accurate figures. Additionally, Nordkap's forecasting based on the precise Stibor curve is more reliable than what a person could do on their own.


Can you identify anything that set our service apart?

Mattias: To be honest, I'm not aware of any other services that offer what Nordkap does, with their focus on the real estate industry. That's one of the reasons why we chose Nordkap. As far as I know, other services in this field tend to be rather expensive. Considering the price, we get exactly what we need.


What surprised you the most about our service?

Camilla: Honestly, everything surprised me because I had no prior knowledge. You truly deliver on the expectations set during the sales process. It's just as good as you claim, Mattias agrees. We analyse the yield curves to predict interest costs, and we closely monitor maturities and the loan portfolio size. Although we're not a huge real estate company, there are probably others who analyze even more aspects. We have 3 swaps and 3 caps.

Mattias adds, "For companies with loans of 500-700 million SEK or more, I highly recommend Nordkap. Particularly now, when interest costs make up a significant portion of the results, it's crucial to have a solid grip on interest rates. Not using Nordkap and relying solely on Excel seems unreasonable. I think that’s where the greatest strength lies - ensuring security and providing the ability to forecast and anticipate cost outcomes. It saves us time. In my experience, Nordkap is an exceptional analysis tool. When you receive a report and notice one figure that doesn't match, it compromises the credibility of the rest of the figures. That’s why it’s reassuring to know that the figures are all in place."