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General Features

Debt Portfolio

With Nordkap, you can structure all your debt and derivative instruments in one or more portfolios. Our system manages external positions such as term loans, credit facilities, bonds, commercial papers, interest rate derivatives, internal transactions, and internal interest rates. A systematic and cloud-based data management approach ensures all employees have access to updated and quality-assured information. Historical and future interest turnovers and cash flows are automatically calculated for increased and facilitated control for each position. Credit and interest maturity structures are easily generated, allowing time for proactive portfolio management.

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Our module enables the integration of debt and property portfolios for a complete view of secured assets. You can easily enter the information yourself or use our integration with the Land Registry to automatically retrieve all necessary information about your properties and mortgages. Once the information is in place, you can track the development of your market values and key metrics such as LTV at the property or portfolio level.

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Market data

To ensure accurate and reliable calculations, we collaborate with Refinitiv and Millistream to provide the latest market information. With our platform, you'll be able to access historical, current, and forecasted interest costs.

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Accounting export

If you need help recording information from our system, we offer support for multiple external business systems thanks to our dynamic accounting templates, formats, and structures. Our plug-in solution allows you to easily export accounting files to your ERP system efficiently and smoothly. You can also always export the files directly to Excel when needed.

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Nordkap simplifies your complex calculations and uses the latest market information to ensure you always receive reliable reports with updated figures. Our reporting module offers a variety of reports to meet your specific needs. All information is prepared for easy forwarding, so you can report both internally and externally without any issues.

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Our system offers open banking services that provide you with an overview of all your accounts and balances. Here, you can access detailed information about your account balances, transaction history, and the company's tax accounts.

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Treasury for modern real estate businesses

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