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We know how complicated the finance and treasury world can be. Not to mention trying to navigate it through manual processes that depend entirely on one or two key people within the organization. No wonder more and more financial professionals worry about their financial data quality. We know precisely how difficult it can be. That’s why we’ve developed a user-friendly Treasury Management System purposefully designed to make real estate companies’ and their financial departments’ lives a whole lot easier. By bringing technological advancement into the mix, we can simplify tasks and ensure your data quality so that your decision-making is as accurate and easy as possible. Our services gather all the data and information you need from the market, your loans, cash flow, and all the financial tools you need in one place, resulting in you being able to:

  • Get accurate and well-backed analyses relevant to your company.
  • With the latest data on the market, you can create uniform and reliable reports for all your real estate company’s relevant functions.
  • Eliminate key-person dependency and improve smooth collaboration with digitalized and standardized processes that also help with risk management.

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The Financial Control You’ve Been Looking For

General features


Debt Portfolio

We know how crucial a well-functioning debt portfolio is for any real estate company. Nordkap gathers all your loan information and financial tools in one place, allowing you to perform complex calculations and produce reports without having to worry about something getting lost along the way due to intricate excel sheets and manual calculations.


Properties and Mortgage Deeds

We developed Nordkap explicitly for the real estate world and its specific challenges. Our Properties and Mortgage Deeds module lets you easily link your properties and mortgage deeds directly in the system and get accurate LTV on each property and portfolio. Thanks to our flexible imports, we can keep the market value up to date, and all property and mortgage deed data can be imported directly from the National Land Survey to ensure that the data is updated and correct.


Accounting exports

Using our system can easily streamline your accounting and reduce time-consuming manual work. Nordkap supports several external business systems with our dynamic accounting templates and rules. It also comes with ready-made plug-in solutions that allow you to export accounting files to your ERP system with the help of our flexible API. And as a bonus, all of the files can also be easily exported to Excel when needed.


Well-backed reports for every part of your business

We know that an essential part of financial work is creating accurate and reliable reports. So, we made it a part of our service. The system helps out with complex calculations and uses the latest data from the market, leaving you with reliable reports with updated figures, standardized and suitable for internal and external use.


Real-time market data

We have teamed up with Refinitive and Millistream to give you access to both historical and current interest rates, as well as future interest rate forecasts. With daily updates of Ibor rates such as Stibor, Euribor, Cibor, and Nibor, you get a transparent overview of the current value of interest rate swaps. This way, you can do more accurate risk analyses and negotiate your swaps with the bank in a more empowered position.


Cross-border Collaboration

Nordkap can handle several different languages and currencies, with updated currency exchange rates dealt with instantly in the system, allowing you to work effortlessly across country borders. You can also save key documents directly to Nordkap, ensuring they’re available to everyone who needs access wherever in the world they might be.


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