NP3 Fastigheter

A Cutting-Edge Treasury Management System

One of the clients that we've worked with for quite a while now is NP3 Fastigheter. Since 2013, we've worked together and helped them with everything from debt portfolio to interest rate swaps and booking. We talked to Håkan Wallin and Elisabeth Ytterström to learn more about their view of the partnership and how our treasury management system has helped them.


A Few Quick Facts About NP3 Fastigheter

NP3 Fastigheter is based in northern Sweden and is a fast-growing company that focuses on commercial real estate outside of the city centers.

The company was founded in 2010 and has been listed since 2014, and its real estate value is about 17 billion SEK. Today, NP3 has about 60 employees working within eight different business areas, and their main office is located in Sundsvall, Sweden. 

Let's jump straight into the interview!

Okay, so tell me: how would you describe your partnership with Nordkap? How long have you been working together now?

We started using Nordkap quite some time ago, long before we both started working here. One of the essential parts for a fast-growing company when it comes to finances is debt. That's why we started working with Nordkap pretty early on since we wanted to make sure we had control and a better overview of our debt portfolio.

We appreciate that Nordkap is so proactive in our partnership. It's apparent that they want to be at the forefront, and they are. It's clear they understand our needs and how their system can help us. We also value that they're so knowledgeable about NP3 as a company and can give us advice that's specific to us and our business. It's not enough to just be a generalist anymore, and the people at Nordkap prove time and time again that there's a depth to their knowledge. An excellent example of this is their interest rate tools.

We also like that there's continuous communication from both parties so that we're not the only ones initiating contact.


How do you use Nordkap in your daily work? Are there any specific parts of the TMS that help you a little extra?

We’d say that the synchronized work processes have been significant for us. Everyone works in the same system and processes, which makes our work more painless, especially from a security perspective. It also ensures that everyone uses the same data, which makes our processes a lot more secure. Nordkap has also been a great help whenever any problems have occurred. 

In the past couple of years, we've also started taking the next step and using Nordkap at a larger scale for the material we base our accounting on. That has helped our accounting department save valuable time since they no longer need to do the accounting manually. As a bonus, it was also effortless to get started.

Another thing that's been of great value to us is that Nordkap supplies us with the market data on, for example, prognoses of interest rate development. So, for example, that's been an immense help when it comes to interest rate swaps since it allows us to use the market data that we get from Nordkap during our negotiations with the banks.

What would you say is the best thing about Nordkap? Is there any area where you feel that the partnership has been especially valuable?

Being able to export files and data to excel has been very helpful. I'd say that's a pretty huge perk. And, as you know, we trust Nordkap – we use it for all the data we use when reporting our debt portfolio and checking our booking. On top of that, the system is user-friendly. It's a good and easy-to-use system that we can use for many things.

The system can't be just a black box from a user's perspective. It's important to know what happens inside the box and understand its process. Nordkap is very transparent. It's easy to search out a smaller, more detailed area, which we greatly appreciate. We also think that Nordkap's service-mindedness and proactivity stand out, and the market data they provide is extremely valuable to us.

So, to conclude – how would you describe Nordkap?

Proactive! Our experience is that Nordkap is exceptionally proactive, both when it comes to us as a client and when it comes to developing their system. Innovation is also a good word to describe them. Nordkap is definitely in the forefront – the will and the ideas are all there.