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3 Benefits of Solving Your Key Person Dependency with a TMS

31 May 2022 - 2 min lästid

Key person dependency is a challenge that many real estate companies battle. And we get it. Not only is it hard to prevent it if you haven't already implemented the necessary digital processes, but getting out of a key person dependency once you're stuck in one can be a real pain. 

Luckily, a treasury management system can help you get rid of your key person dependency once and for all! As a bonus, using a cloud-based TMS to solve the problem will also allow you to:

  1. Free up time to focus on actual debt and risk management strategy work
    A treasury management system removes the constant need to update complex spreadsheet formulas whenever you’re working with loan terms, interest calculation methods, or counterparties changes. In addition, spending time entering data manually into spreadsheets not only increases the risk for errors – but also takes away time and resources from what is truly important; debt and risk management. 
  2. Take control of who in the organization has access to your data
    A treasury management system allows you to control which team members have Administrator or Read-Only access with clearly assigned user access credentials. And since everyone will work with the same data source, you limit the risks of time-consuming and costly input errors.
  3. Have access to your data in real time regardless where you are   geographically located
    In today's environment, where hybrid work models are becoming the standard, a cloud-based solution allows you to access your debt portfolio in the system in real-time while on the road, at the office, or at home with a simple log-in.

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