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Ever since we first started, we’ve had a clear vision of what we’re here to do: make the finance and treasury world easier to navigate.

And with our Treasury Management System, that’s exactly what we’re doing. Nordkap is designed to help any and every real estate company with their finances – no matter their size or where in the world they’re based.

And thanks to our services being entirely cloud-based and modularly designed, you can have the modules of your choosing up and running in just a few days. Find out more about how we can help you save both time and money while making your job a whole lot easier too.

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Two people discussing Nordkap
Less manual work leads to safer and more efficient financial work

Nordkap is designed to be as user-friendly and intuitive as possible to save you time, mitigate risks, and, as a result, reduce costs. By decreasing your manual labor and streamlining the data throughout the system, Nordkap helps you eliminate risks and meet international standards on key metrics and compliance – and consequently, the financial work is made easier, safer, and more efficient.

Tailor-made for the real estate industry

With Nordkap's help, all your financial data is securely stored and available from anywhere – thanks to our entire system being cloud-based. With correct and well-backed analyses combined with the latest data on the market, this results in uniform and reliable reports for all your real estate company's relevant functions – and a higher negotiation power towards the bank, thanks to the improved market transparency.

Seamless collaboration

Since all of your employees use the same data source, and a well-functioning collaboration is a key to a successful result, all our processes are purposefully designed to support this type of work. With Nordkap, you get access to process support that uses constantly updated data, ensuring it always is correct and that no numbers get lost along the way.


NP3 Fastigheter

Håkan Wallin & Elisabeth Ytterström

“Our experience is that Nordkap is exceptionally proactive, both when it comes to us as a client and when it comes to developing their system. Nordkap is definitely in the forefront – the will and the ideas are all there.”


Jan Karlsson

"For us, a great benefit has been that the system is as user-friendly and expandable as it is. And as a bonus, the close collaboration with Nordkap has provided us with an extra sense of safety."

Stadsrum Fastigheter AB

Hugo Bernell

“Nordkap helps us get better control of our financing portfolio, alleviate reporting, and gives us a good overview of the market’s current financial situation. Since we also use subcontractors as financial agents, Nordkap gives us control and overview thanks to the central managing of the financing portfolio.”

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The Tools and Data You Need – All in One Place

If you're curious about how our system works in greater detail and how its features can assist you and your business in your financial work, contact one of our sales associates, and we'll help you out.

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