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The Accounting Module

22 June 2022 - 4 min read time

Make your accounting more efficient with the help of Nordkap! 🎉

Most of our customers are real estate companies that manage several different loan positions, both internal and external. With the help of in-depth insights from our customers, we understood that this results in a complex flow of information. Therefore, we have put a lot of time into developing a new, more efficient way to do your accounting in Nordkap. And now we can finally announce that our smart accounting module has launched! 🙌


Nordkap’s Accounting Module

Here's a list of some of the new tools we've added and improvements we've made to the module, and how you easily can work with connecting your debt portfolio to accounting templates and export accounting files customized to your business system. 

  • Accounting templates for when you might need them
  • Easy configuration of your accounting rules
  • Support of both external and internal debt positions
  • A simple interface that allows for mass updates that connect your accounting templates to your debt positions
  • Preview your accounting directly with your debt position
  • A verification list in PDF or Excel format
  • Define your own fields for the accounting information, such as KST, property, and project
  • User Friendly interface for file exports
  • Different clearance levels for different roles
  • Language support for Swedish, English, and Norwegian
  • More file formats are now compatible with real estate companies' most common business systems, for example, Visma Control, Vitec Ekonomi, Unit4 Business World, Xpand, Visma Business, Fortnox, etc.


Sound interesting?

If you’re interested in the new module or have any questions – don’t hesitate to contact us!  You can also submit a notice of interest by clicking the button below.

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Release Notes