A Stronger Brand

18 August 2022 - 2 min lästid

We're in the middle of an exciting time with lots of things happening here at Nordkap. 2022 is a year filled with growth, international ventures, and big changes. To prepare ourselves for all these changes and the exciting times ahead, we decided to update our website in the fall of 2021. This included our visual identity, communication, and, well, our entire brand.

Reaching New Heights

Our previous brand identity and expression have been around for quite some time. And just like our solution is ever-evolving, we realized we also needed to take the next step as a brand. And with new capital coming in and plans on expanding our company and positioning ourselves internationally, it was time for a brand new look. 

When developing the new brand, our focus has been on the goals ahead, the market demands, the needs and wants of our customers, current challenges, and future possibilities. Based on that, we've started to create a brand that better aligns with who we are and what we do. And most of all, a brand that better reflects where we are headed. 

A Clearer Positioning and a Stronger Voice

Our new profile strengthens the voice of our brand and helps us stand out more and truly show who we are as a partner, supplier, and actor on the market. It lets us position ourselves in the finance and treasury world and allows our personality to shine. At Nordkap, we create new ways of working with Treasury Management. We want to take something we've been doing for a long time and see how we can do it even better. We dare to challenge, love to explore, and are always available when our clients need us. 

We've come a long way in developing and strengthening our brand, but we're not done yet. The work is ongoing and exciting things will keep happening as we move forward. But we've gotten started! And the first thing to show off our new style is the place you're at right now – our website. Our new site, with its brand new structure, design, logo, and updated tone of voice, launched in February. And since then, you can also see our new identity on, for example, LinkedIn. 

But stay tuned. There's lots more to come.