User Checklist for the Holidays

6 December 2022 - 2 min lästid

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching, there are some things we'd like to remind you of as a Nordkap customer. In this article, we've put together a user checklist so that you can be prepared for the holidays.


Reviewing your positions

Do you have a good understanding of when future payments and final maturities will be due? We recommend using the Reminders feature to send you a reminder directly in the system or to your email inbox. The Maturity Report will allow you to review all upcoming events that are connected to the end of the year, such as interest payments, amortizations and final maturities. 


Do your accounting exports look correct?

Please gather all positions in the export file and configure your accounting rules adequately, especially those that are tied to the end of the year. 


Do your staff have the right access?

Who will be working during the holidays? Please get in touch with us to register new users and permissions. In Nordkap, there are two user levels; Admin and Read-only. There are also three levels of accounting permissions, which are Accounting Admin, Assign Accounting Templates and Generate Accounting Files. 


Bank holidays affecting market data retrieval

Keep in mind that bank holidays will affect which dates the market rates will be fetched, this is particularly important when swap valuations and interest rate fixings are planned. Click here to read more about when the rates are updated in Nordkap. 


Our support during Christmas and New Year's Eve

Please contact our support if you have any questions. We're happy to assist you, though our ability to provide phone support will be somewhat limited during the holidays. Our opening hours are 9-16 on weekdays.  


Happy Holidays from the Nordkap team!